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  1. Bet T.

    Bet T.

    New York, NY your Male Maximus again are slim to none.

  2. Robert G.

    Robert G.

    Wichita, KS Life

  3. Rob S.

    Rob S.

    Sheffield, GB Amsterdam Marathon

  4. Adena M L N.

    Adena M L N.

    Fort Benning, GA Fitness, get in shape, find a way to push myself and get some extra motivation. I want to see an accomplishment!

  5. Kurt L B

    Kurt L B

    CT Have a BLAST while pushing my body to the limit.

  6. Laura C.

    Laura C.

    La Pine, OR Start training for walk/run events and eventually work up to a half marathon

  7. Rachel S.

    Rachel S.

    Austin, TX

  8. Megan L.

    Megan L.

    Bettendorf, IA TOUCH MY TOES!!!!!!!!!

  9. Matthew M.

    Matthew M.

    Philadelphia, PA I want to get back in shape and lose 20 pounds or so. Ultimately I want to be back down to 175 pounds and able to play whatever sport I'd like.

  10. Christopher T.

    Christopher T.

    Hartford, WI

  11. Edward E.

    Edward E.

    Kaiserslautern, DE Injured off and on since beginning of 2011. Kenya cancelled this year. Hope to return to full time training and get back on track for the trials for 2016.

  12. Tadakiruni Y T.

    Tadakiruni Y T.

    Tokyo, Japan practice harder and uhmmmm do not eat to muuch then sleep at the right time.

  13. Jerry B.

    Jerry B.

    Morton Grove, IL 1,300 in 2014.

  14. Tracey
  15. Dominic
  16. Marty
  17. Troy
  18. Andre
  19. Trenton
  20. Roy