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  1. Avinash P.

    Avinash P.

    India, IN is to achieve the highest cycling capability in me and to encourage people to cycle instead of driving their stupid cars and motorcycles that pollutes nature.

  2. Suzy


    Augusta, GA lose weight and enjoy nature!

  3. Kishaloy C.

    Kishaloy C.

    Pune, IN walk till the road ends ... walk, enjoy the beauty of nature ...

  4. Charmain L.

    Charmain L.

    Lancashire, GB None...just a general all-rounder (who loves nature rambles) trying to stay active after hardly exercising since PE in school.

  5. Selvakumar D.

    Selvakumar D.

    Orlando, FL For exploring different areas, prefer nature trails or parks.

  6. Fall F.

    Fall F.

    Charleston, WV Fall Foliage Pictures provides free high resolution Fall and Autumn foliage nature pictures for commercial or personal use according to our policy.

  7. Nicholas B.

    Nicholas B.

    Pelham, ON Just to keep active, and have a good time outdoors. To spend less time playing video games and more time geocaching. To introduce my daughter to nature.

  8. Katie R.

    Katie R.

    New York, NY head out of the clouds? I did imagine this was poetic justice. They have a weird nature.

  9. Mathis44
  10. Sijulmk
  11. Brain
  12. Gaston
  13. Jack A.

    Jack A.

    Ocala, FL

  14. Henry
  15. Deborah B.

    Deborah B.

    Chicago, IL Prepare for the Ice Age Trail 50 and for a five-day trail-running trip with Adventure Running Company.

  16. Valerie W.

    Valerie W.

    Longview, TX I run because it feels good. Anything more is a bonus.

  17. Diane A.

    Diane A.

    Portland, OR

  18. Becky C.

    Becky C.

    Pleasant Gap, PA // First trail run by end of 2015 // Hike 250 miles in 2016

  19. Lauriann B.

    Lauriann B.

    Las Vegas, NV

  20. Chrissy H.

    Chrissy H.

    Wilmington, NC A sub-four hour marathon would be nice, eventually. Until then, keep running and keep getting stronger and faster, while enjoying fitness and life.