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  1. Sarah A.

    Sarah A.

    Butler, MO My goal is to get back to running and help my son train to improve his time for when he leaves May 23 for Basic Training with the Army National Guard.

  2. John S.

    John S.

    Chicago, IL Be fit. Be a better example for my son. Enjoy my training and races. Eventually complete a half ironman.

  3. Emily F.

    Emily F.

    Las Vegas, NV My current goal is weight loss. Eventually it will be more specific. I want to be more fit and healthy and a great example for my son.

  4. Sarah K M.

    Sarah K M.

    Memphis, TN To lose the 15-20 pounds of baby fat left from the birth of my son on 02/23/2010

  5. Tami S.

    Tami S.

    To get into better shape for my son. I want to be a good example and start him off on the right foot.

  6. Jimmy J.

    Jimmy J.

    Cedar Bluff, VA Serve God fully, spend time with my son Andrew, and get some running in.

  7. Helen R.

    Helen R.

    South Bend, IN I want to be able to compete in ( ride and Tie) this summer. Ride my horse 5 miles and run on my feet next 5 on my horse for 5 miles. Total 20 to 50miles

  8. Kate


    Lemon Grove, CA to maintain my weight the last 2.5 months of my pregnancy, then get my baby weight and then some off!!

  9. Angelina P.

    Angelina P.

    Punta Gorda, FL To keep decreasing my time & run a half marathon.

  10. Jodi L E.

    Jodi L E.

    Pocatello, ID to complete my very first 180mile relay with some good friends and finish my first half marathon.....and have fun while running every mile!!!

  11. Stacey M.

    Stacey M.

    US I want to tone up and gain strength while training for the Chicago Marathon with Team World Vision.

  12. Anna Lee

    Anna Lee

    Southern Tier, NY, USA My ultimate goal is to run in the NYC Marathon. I may end up running in a few locally building up to that point.

  13. Adam
  14. Tiffany D.

    Tiffany D.

    Washington, DC My short term goal is to complete 13.1 in March and My long term goal is to complete a full Marathon next Year!

  15. Kerry F.

    Kerry F.

    Northampton, GB just to clean my lungs, and be fit. stopped smoking in February and have changed my life... feel so happy

  16. Sharon N.

    Sharon N.

    ON, CA I have lots. Someday I'd like to run the Endurun Challenge (all of the events) and BQ. My goal is to continue enjoying running and feel the wind in my hair.

  17. Diane L.

    Diane L.

    To loose 40 pounds of weight i put on from my pregnancy. Only 10 of that i gained while pregnant. The rest is from eating 3500+ calories a day for breastfeeding

  18. Brandii K.

    Brandii K.

    Washington, DC My initial goal was to jog a 15 min mile! I met that in two weeks! My next goal is to run 2 miles a day! Underlying goal is weight loss.

  19. Jade P.

    Jade P.

    Oklahoma City, OK I want to lose the last 15 lbs of my baby weight and then another 10 lbs on top of that. I also just want to start and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

  20. Caitlin J.

    Caitlin J.

    WI To run my first half the summer of 2013 **hopefully**