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  1. Cee A.

    Cee A.

    Chicago, IL My goal is to lose as much as weight as possible. I'm serious about changing my life for the better.

  2. Rachelle W.

    Rachelle W.

    Payson, UT Improve all of my race times and just keep on keeping on.

  3. Renee L F.

    Renee L F.

    Boston, MA Run the 2013 Boston Marathon in less than 5 hours. And love every step of it.

  4. Kristin


    Austin, TX Let's face it. I hate running in the summer and I'm lazy. This is why my goal is to run a marathon this year. Makes total sense, no?

  5. Lauren


    Birmingham, AL beat my half marathon time on April 30th at the Music City Half

  6. Rohn S.

    Rohn S.

    Raleigh, NC To Run a Full Marathon (26.2) in 18 weeks and blog about my journey.....

  7. Nikki R.

    Nikki R.

    Liberty, NC I am a post collegiate Lacrosse player, who needs a new challenge alongside grad school. Im now embarking on training for running my first MARATHON this spring

  8. Karly S.

    Karly S.

    Lawrence, KS Running the Chicago Marathon in October with my brother and dad!

  9. Dori G.

    Dori G.

    Jersey City, NJ Sub-4 at 2014 Eugene Marathom

  10. Tanya B.

    Tanya B.

    Melbourne, FL Daily activity in 2011.

  11. Charlotte W.

    Charlotte W.

    Eugene, OR To get where I am going...

  12. Maureen


    To continue a program of regular exercise to help with weight loss efforts and general health improvement.

  13. Laura V.

    Laura V.

    Watertown, NY To run as fast as Nadja.

  14. Anna S.

    Anna S.

    Charlotte, NC To run the ThunderRoad half marathon in 2012!

  15. Maxie
  16. Cait W.

    Cait W.

    Chicago, IL Chicago Marathon 2013 PR, sub 2:00 half marathon & sub 22 min. race 5K

  17. Shelley C.

    Shelley C.

    Wilmington, NC My goal is to juice two meals per day and walk two miles per day for two months. My start date is 8-20-12. I will reassess on 10-20-12.

  18. Kristen C.

    Kristen C.

    Blacksburg, VA 2013: Lynchburg Ultra Series, sub 3:30 marathon, 2013 miles in 2013. Focus on general wellness, continue to run a lot, stay injury free & have fun :-D

  19. Ely


  20. Nate M.

    Nate M.

    Minneapolis, MN