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  1. Carroll
  2. Julie H.

    Julie H.

    WA 10 K, Better my TRI time too!

  3. Jean F.

    Jean F.

    Mulberry, FL Staying mobile at age 66 (almost).

  4. Maria


    FL To get back in shape, drop 60lbs, compete, be consistent with my workouts, eat clean, and enjoy life!!

  5. Jamie S.

    Jamie S.

    Roscoe, IL Run. Just get back out there and run.

  6. Matt H.

    Matt H.

    Greensburg, PA My goal is to always have fun running. If it becomes a choreā€¦i'm done.

  7. Nancy V.

    Nancy V.

    Grand Rapids, MI Grand Rapids Half Marathon 2014...but first one mile! :)

  8. Ellie B.

    Ellie B.

    Highland, IN To have an all around healthy lifestyle!

  9. Kate Elizabeth

    Kate Elizabeth

    Greensboro, NC Consistency.

  10. Terri G.

    Terri G.

    Greater Boston area

  11. Tabitha W.

    Tabitha W.

    GA 2012 WDW Marathon, 5K I would like to work up to the Half Marathon

  12. Melissa B.

    Melissa B.

    Orlando, FL To drop the last 45 pounds and get in shape for a kidney transplant

  13. Michelle W.

    Michelle W.

    Merritt Island, FL To keep the weight off, to get stronger and live life again!

  14. Nels
  15. Mathis
  16. Leo


  17. Anthony
  18. Kscott


    MA Better fitness, better diet, learn to swim & bike. I drank the kool-ade. I am registered for an Ultra.

  19. Cindy P.

    Cindy P.

    Reno, NV 10K

  20. Marianne


    US Get back in shape.