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  1. Ali P.

    Ali P.

    Bloomington, IL To train my dog to be a great running partner, to run 5k regularly, to do a 1/2 marathon this fall, to stay commited

  2. Kerstin R.

    Kerstin R.

    Savannah, GA Complete the Savannah Rock'n'Roll Marathon on November 5th, 2011. Time will be in the 4hrs 30 minute mark, but would love to come in under!

  3. Lana K.

    Lana K.

    Langley, BC With an 8 month old and 24 month old I need some me training time. Time to get my ass in gear, get in shape and do some races.

  4. Toby
  5. Canixgirl


    New York, NY 850+ miles for the year First 100 mile month 1 dog friendly race Sub 2:14 half PR in a 5k & mile race

  6. Krista C.

    Krista C.

    Round Lake, IL To run a sub 1:45 Half Marathon.... Ran Illinois Marathon in 3:45... now its time to break 3:40!

  7. Jay F.

    Jay F.

    Port St. Lucie, FL I have my entry to the NYC Marathon on Nov 3rd which will be my first ever marathon. My goal is to run the race in 5 hrs. I started training today May 1st.

  8. Kyle D.

    Kyle D.

    Cochranville, PA My goal in my training is to build strength, endurance, to aid in the control of my diabetes with less insulin, and to quit smoking.

  9. Jessica B.

    Jessica B.

    US I'm currently rehabbing an LCL injury on my left knee but have big plans for 2014! My first half (in June!) and my first full (in December!) Plus other fun!

  10. Nicole C.

    Nicole C.

    Crystal Lake, IL Complete the Super Sprint Triathlon in Chicago on August 28th, and be able to complete a full Sprint Tri next year.

  11. Adam W.

    Adam W.

    Bryan, TX I have been running for about four years now and I have still not run in an event. I just love to run, and I am always trying to improve my fitness and form.

  12. Tiffiney A.

    Tiffiney A.

    Nashville, TN training for the Middle Half Marathon in the 'boro this fall. I would like to improve my time from the Music City Half which was my first race.

  13. Lysa Y.

    Lysa Y.

    St Louis, MO My *big* events for 2011: MS150 (cycling 175 miles), Sep 10-11; Last Try Triathlon, Oct 2; Portland Marathon, Oct 9 (my 1st marathon!)

  14. Jen L.

    Jen L.

    Atlanta, GA For 2012: As a new runner, my goal is to run one 5k a month. My husband have a lifetime goal to complete a 5k in every state.

  15. Vivian
  16. Guy


  17. Honeybee S.

    Honeybee S.

    US Lose 15 lbs and build muscle

  18. Dave W.

    Dave W.

    Columbus, OH my first 5k race... now, my first half marathon successfully ran the half marathon... now, a sprint triathlon!!

  19. Melissa W.

    Melissa W.

    Greenville, SC Beat my time for my last 5k

  20. Carol K.

    Carol K.

    St Louis, MO Stay injury free and continue to increase my pace.