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  1. Larry Lee Haney J.

    Larry Lee Haney J.

    Douglasville, GA Hoping to run my first 10k in january. My PR 5k time is 25:43. Working on endurence.

  2. Jay F.

    Jay F.

    Port St. Lucie, FL I have my entry to the NYC Marathon on Nov 3rd which will be my first ever marathon. My goal is to run the race in 5 hrs. I started training today May 1st.

  3. Jorge G.

    Jorge G.

    Springville, UT 2012 1. My first full marathon June- done 3:44 2. PR 5k(LY 21:44) in summer -done 20:36 3. PR 10K (2yr ago :57)-? 4. PR half (LY 1:45) - ?in sep.

  4. Daniel B.

    Daniel B.

    Ellendale, MN Hobo Day 5K

  5. Jason C.

    Jason C.

    Camarillo, CA Continue to improve my marathon times (Sub 4 hr), complete in a Half Ironman Triathlon, Full Triathlon and possibly an Ultra Marathon.

  6. Ronnie
  7. Casher H.

    Casher H.

    Alexandria, VA Signed up for the 2013 Marine Corp Marathon!

  8. Dave Z.

    Dave Z.

    Chicago, IL To teach as many people as possible about the benefit of Health and Fitness thru Running.

  9. Chris B.

    Chris B.

    Wheaton, IL Boston Qualifier

  10. Scottie
  11. Mack
  12. Curt
  13. Irvin
  14. Stephan
  15. Charles M.

    Charles M.

    Minooka, IL Push to the limit everyday!!!!! I own this ...

  16. Seth D.

    Seth D.

    Roeland Park, KS Qualify and complete the Boston Marathon

  17. Joe R.

    Joe R.

    Half Marathon

  18. Jason F.

    Jason F.

    Port St Lucie, FL Hoping to run my first marathon sometime in the near future.

  19. Manny G.

    Manny G.

    Carlisle, IA Qualify for the Boston before I turn 35.

  20. Fletcher