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  1. Coby A.

    Coby A.

    Wise, VA Better health.

  2. Nico S.

    Nico S.

    Sacramento, CA

  3. Ikhlasul A.

    Ikhlasul A.

    Bandung, ID fun and health

  4. Gfro1


    Atlanta, GA to live a healthy life physically and mentally

  5. Jen E.

    Jen E.

    Martinsburg, WV Eventually, I'd like to complete marathons and advance to the ultras. I'm also planning my "Run to Gaga" scheme for Spring Break 2011. Ask me for details! :)

  6. Kellybee


    Raleigh, NC Updated April 2011: In 2011 - run a full 5K and 10K without having to stop and walk. Train for a 1/2 marathon and be ready to complete end of '11/beg. of '12.

  7. Rostislav B.

    Rostislav B.

    Prague, CZ 10 kilometrů za 40 minut a aspoň 1 krátký triatlon v roce 2014

  8. John M.

    John M.

    Brookline, MA 5 mile race on 4/10 in under 38 minutes. Lose 25 pounds (starting Jan 17th).

  9. Jill B.

    Jill B.

    Plainfield, IL My goal is to run a half-marathon and work up to a full marathon eventually. I need to train more consistently... 3-4 runs per week.

  10. Ritesh C.

    Ritesh C.

    Hoffman Estates, IL To run a marathon

  11. Matej Z.

    Matej Z.

    Brno, Czech Republic Getting myself in better shape and form. And having a lot of fun doing it.

  12. Lp


    Peoria, IL To be fit.

  13. Kick
  14. Marco M.

    Marco M.

    Lisbon, PT Having fun and being healthy!

  15. Pablo
  16. Holly B.

    Holly B.

    Haverhill, MA Work out with some regularity

  17. Andrea T.

    Andrea T.

    Boulder, CO 1500 miles combined running (trails) with cycling (indoors, road & mtn biking) for 2011

  18. Addison W.

    Addison W.

    Franklin, TN I've set a goal to become a new me! To become the best that I can be. I just started training for the music city half this October!

  19. Jimmy
  20. Nichole D.

    Nichole D.

    Cedar Falls, IA Higher endurance. Overcome Asthma.