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  1. Daniel E.

    Daniel E.

    Redwood City, CA Recover from a knee injury. Survivor mud run in April, Skyline to the Sea trail marathon in June.

  2. Melissa B.

    Melissa B.

    Pauls Valley, OK Get my 5k time back down in the low 20's... goal is 21min or less.

  3. Heather G.

    Heather G.

    Phoenix, AZ 365 miles in one's a great challenge but I have several runs already scheduled.

  4. Cassidy S.

    Cassidy S.

    Tucson, AZ Now that I've completed the Goofy Challenge, on to Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare 2013, Dopey 2015 and a possible half Ironman in the next 2 years.

  5. Gabrielle L.

    Gabrielle L.

    Gladstone, OR This year; To run a full marathon........

  6. Sherry C.

    Sherry C.

    Atlanta, GA My first Ragnar! (DONE!) My first night marathon! A sub-4:30 marathon. No injuries and having fun.

  7. Tammy V.

    Tammy V.

    Waupaca, WI LaCrosse 1/2 marathon 2014 ... need to PR

  8. Victoria K.
  9. Brad K.

    Brad K.

    Milwaukee, WI Already signed up for multiple 50ks on the trails. I will run Door County Fall 50 again goal of 8hrs. '11 I ran almost 1500, '12 only 750 intense miles. '13..?

  10. Tina T.

    Tina T.

    Philadelphia, PA Tough Mudder in April, Broad St. in May. Then maybe do another half marathon in Sept.

  11. Paul M.

    Paul M.

    Neptune, NJ To lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

  12. Ed R.

    Ed R.

    Clyde, NC Weight control, good health and fun! Looking to do some 50k's and have fun doing them! I've made it to my 60's so going to try and run through my 70's!

  13. Josiah C.

    Josiah C.

    Quad Cities, USA To Live Uncommon being as healthy, fit and happy as I can be while maintaining a balanced life.

  14. Courtney


    St Petersburg, FL Florida Challenge Half Mary 1/29/2012 Rock n Roll Half Mary 2/12/2012 Daytona Frogman Olympic Tri 4/15/2012 St. Anthony's Olympic Tri 4/29/2012

  15. Theresa


    ME Ok so I ran that another?

  16. Steven L.

    Steven L.

    Merced, CA Complete an Ironman

  17. Kathleen G.

    Kathleen G.

    Jenkintown, PA Get my mileage and speed back up after a lay off

  18. Craig M.

    Craig M.

    Ride.... and ride some more... 1000+ mi by the end of Summer!!!!

  19. Cassandra G.

    Cassandra G.

    Wauwatosa, WI Finish a full marathon in October

  20. Jade T.

    Jade T.

    Ithaca, NY Run a half marathon in the fall of 2011. 2012 goal: complete a triathlon.