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  1. Andrea T.

    Andrea T.

    Boulder, CO 1500 miles combined running (trails) with cycling (indoors, road & mtn biking) for 2011

  2. Tboy


    Squamish, BC Repeat as old guy overall local race winner. I'm a Mtn Biker...more interested in time not distance :) ..........get faster!

  3. Emily C.
  4. Raerae


    NH better health

  5. Bill


    Kapaa, HI I recently lost a great deal of fat due to a dietary change. I am running, swimming, riding and hitting the gym in Kapaa to get back into ultra-fit condition!

  6. Tammy D.

    Tammy D.

    Newark, NY

  7. Gabrielle B.

    Gabrielle B.

    Denver, CO

  8. Erika C.

    Erika C.

    Minneapolis, MN

  9. Amy C

    Amy C

    US 2012 goal: get healthy and start training for a 50 in the fall. Also the Pike's Peak Double in August again. Wheee!

  10. Tim P.

    Tim P.

    Westminster, CO 2009 Boulder Triathlon Series that culminates in a half Ironman. Want to do a full Ironman in 2010.

  11. Stan S.

    Stan S.

    Syracuse, NY Green Lakes Sprint Triathlon

  12. Jason P.

    Jason P.

    Salt Lake City, UT Sprint Tri

  13. Chasing Self

    Chasing Self

    San Francisco, CA Complete a century ride and a duathlon by next year!!!

  14. Erik H.

    Erik H.

    Santa Barbara, CA Survive the impending collapse of modern society and maybe a triathlon or two.

  15. Brian P.

    Brian P.

    Coeur D'Alene, ID Run as many back-to-back long runs as possible, run a few 50k trails races this year, have fun!

  16. Dominique D.

    Dominique D.

    San Francisco, CA my first sprint triathlon

  17. Travis E.

    Travis E.

    Spring, TX To win!

  18. Joshua C.

    Joshua C.

    Ellijay, GA To be competive in an Olympic distance tri and to WIN and Sprint Tri or DUO! OR, just to regain my 20something youthful body!

  19. Elisabeth H.

    Elisabeth H.

    Hartford, CT Live life long, live life wide, live life happy and healthy and to help others along the way :)

  20. Billy W.

    Billy W.

    Fairhope, AL Run a 50K(Done) in 2011 and a 50Miler in 2012. Also, 1/2 Ironman Triathlon in 2012