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  1. Sam


  2. Matthew
  3. Mike P.

    Mike P.

    San Jose, CA After a couple years of injury and sickness and gaining 70lbs. I am working towards loosing the weight and running a 1/2 to a full marathon again.

  4. Michelle G.

    Michelle G.

    Weston, FL 1) BCBS Running Series 2009-2010 2) More half marathons and maybe a full next year!

  5. Brendan R.

    Brendan R.

    Kansas City, MO After doing a few Half Marathons I am taking the plunge and am training for the KC Full Marathon in October.

  6. Allison


    Bethlehem, PA Break 3:30 for a marathon, go sub 1:35 for a half marathon, and sub 22 minutes for a 5K

  7. Alex
  8. Lucio H.
  9. Rory
  10. Rodney S.

    Rodney S.

    Philippines, PH 25 kilometers

  11. Kellie I.

    Kellie I.

    Kissimmee, FL Running my first half marathon in April! Then hopefully my first marathon next January!

  12. Ikemefuna
  13. Giovanni
  14. Ali


  15. Lionel B.
  16. Marcelo B.
  17. Cookie


    New York, NY Right now, to run a sub 4:00 marathon. And someday, to run a 100 mile race.

  18. Elizabeth E.

    Elizabeth E.

    Peoria, IL To become myself once and for all.

  19. Sara K.
  20. Robby