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  1. Mountain2planet


  2. James S.

    James S.

    Kansas City, KS

  3. Mike S.

    Mike S.

    Laramie, WY 2014- 1:35 in my first half marathon on April 5. A strong Boston. AG Top 10 @ BolderBoulder. 2400 miles for the year.

  4. Dan


    Colorado Springs, CO Run really, really far.

  5. Michelle M.

    Michelle M.

    Highlands Ranch, CO to slim down and go a little faster on my next 5k! :)

  6. Peter


    Los Angeles, CA bike races (road and mountain), kayaking, trail running

  7. Chinar G.

    Chinar G.

    India, IN 1) Ride, Ride and Ride 2) Run, Run and Run

  8. Karen M.

    Karen M.

    Asheville, NC half marathon

  9. Iel


    Philippines, PH ironman, ultramarathons

  10. Robert L.

    Robert L.

    Roy, UT Stay healthy until I am 90.

  11. Clayton


    Palm Bay, FL Run a marthon at least once, to get healthier

  12. Leslie S.

    Leslie S.

    Kirkland, WA marathon

  13. Mauricio H.

    Mauricio H.

    Mexico City, MX mountain climbs and ultramarathons! :)

  14. Charl


    Cape Town, ZA

  15. Susan A.

    Susan A.

    OK New to running...

  16. Slowest T.

    Slowest T.

    Madison, WI Run 36 miles by the end of July.

  17. Colleen J.

    Colleen J.

    US get back to running around 25-30 miles/week complete road and trail marathon biking 2-3 x/week lose 60 lb in one year

  18. Brian W.

    Brian W.

    CO To go for a run the day I die

  19. Katie


    Breckenridge, CO half marathon!

  20. Roselle


    Warrenton, VA always in training!!! Short Term: a PR @ Highland Sky 40 mile trail run 6/2010. Long Term: MMT 100 mile run in 2011. Middle of the packer on roads and trails :)