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  1. Chris G.

    Chris G.

    Watertown, MA Local and national ultra endurance solo 12 & 24 hour XC mountain bike races.

  2. Mark F.

    Mark F.

    Christchurch, NZ surf and turf series a few mountain bike races and above all to be able to fit the speedos without having to have them surgically fitted/removed

  3. Phil S.

    Phil S.

    Surrey, GB Get more miles on mountain bike. Get a decent running base. Run a decent half marathon time.

  4. Gene B.

    Gene B.

    Columbia, MO Bike to work More, get ready for longer bike trips.

  5. Elmo
  6. Terrence
  7. Scott T.

    Scott T.

    Papillion, NE Ironman Lake Placid July 22, 2012 Kansas City Olympic May 2012 Escape From Alcatraz Tri June 2012 Lincoln Half Marathon May 2012

  8. Bill J.

    Bill J.

    Mystic, CT New Haven 20K!

  9. Jimmie
  10. Rob C.

    Rob C.

    Dover, NH Have some laughs, keep my belly from getting too big. Sign up for events I am not prepared for and rise to the challenge.

  11. Erick S.

    Erick S.

    to complete the Wilderness 101 Mnt Bike race, in PA.

  12. Dean W.

    Dean W.

    Iron River, WI To stay fit to enable myself to keep giving 110%.

  13. Carlos Julio C.

    Carlos Julio C.

    Bogota, CO Ride fast, ride hard :)

  14. Lindsay
  15. Harley
  16. Val


    Houston, TX I'd been posting my miles since August, 2010. 'Running miles' only since miles from bikes won't be post in here. Running since age 16. I'll keep running...

  17. Darlene K.

    Darlene K.

    Spokane, WA finally getting down to my goal weight

  18. Charlie S.

    Charlie S.

    Easley, SC Live life to the fullest.

  19. Cuneyt E.

    Cuneyt E.

    Turkey have fun

  20. Henry F.

    Henry F.

    Annapolis, MD