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  1. Paul P.

    Paul P.

    Selma, AL I want to improve my time at 2 local 50K's and give the 50 mile distance another try

  2. Chris H.

    Chris H.

    Streetsboro, OH Do more mountain biking, play more racquetball, exercise everyday while eating more healthy foods.

  3. David K.

    David K.

    Camas, WA Mountain Biking Competitions

  4. Tony L.

    Tony L.

    Inver Grove Heights, MN In the past year I have become more fit than I have ever been. Looking to maintain weight and increase endurance for mountain biking and other activities.

  5. Bri


    Bend, OR Working on getting back to it post knee surgery. Running, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, swimming... you name it.

  6. Nick S.

    Nick S.

    Lubbock, TX Increase Mountain Biking Skills

  7. Donnette W.

    Donnette W.

    Chesley, ON Workout everyday - cycle and weights 3 x per week. Enter 5 hour grease monkey mountain biking race at Brant Track

  8. Charles G.

    Charles G.

    US At least 1,500 miles by paddling/mountain biking!

  9. Richie C.

    Richie C.

    Dublin, IE Mountain Bike races

  10. Nataliya


    San Francisco, CA To play hard, to be strong, to be healthy, to live energetically, and enjoy every field, track, wave, mountain, and sunrise.

  11. Ryan O.

    Ryan O.

    Edmonton, AB ABA Mountain Bike Races ABA Road Bike Races

  12. Keith G.

    Keith G.

    Holly Springs, NC Medoc Mountain Trail Marathon

  13. Karin E.

    Karin E.

    South Lake Tahoe, CA my goal is to kick some ass mountain bike racing this summer

  14. Wes D.

    Wes D.

    Austin, TX Ride non stop on road and mountain

  15. Ryan V.

    Ryan V.

    Lancaster, PA Trail marathons and 50K's, Nightmare 200 (cycling ultra), Tussey 50M (trail race), Labor Pains (12 hr trail race)

  16. Alexander W.

    Alexander W.

    Mystic, CT Drop some weight, extend my distances. No particular time/pace/speed goals, just want to keep moving farther and farther. Maybe do another 50K or try a 50M.

  17. Matt R.

    Matt R.

    Merseyside, GB

  18. Gene B.

    Gene B.

    Columbia, MO Bike to work More, get ready for longer bike trips.

  19. Katerina K.

    Katerina K.

    Salonika, GR races from 3K to half-marathons, mountain running & cycling

  20. Travis W.

    Travis W.

    Tulsa, OK Upgrade to Cat 4 by HHH. No DNFs. Run fall marathon under 4 hours. Half Iron Man in OKC. Mountain bike Durango to Moab. Have the greatest summer of my life.