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  1. Gary F.

    Gary F.

    Buford, GA Run, run and then run some more.

  2. Gary L.

    Gary L.

    Kennebunkport, ME Maintain my running outdoors through the winter and throw in a couple of short races.

  3. Pam L.

    Pam L.

    Biddeford, ME Maintain good "over 50" health; make fitness part of my lifestyle. Also want to reduce BMI - always a challenge for me.

  4. Kelly K.

    Kelly K.

    Milwaukee, WI Ironman WI 2009 in September

  5. Gabriel A.

    Gabriel A.

    Roanoke, VA Triathlon

  6. Jerry L.

    Jerry L.

    Macon, GA To look hot for my lady.

  7. Clem G.

    Clem G.

    White Bear Lake, MN Training for Marathons, Running on my first ULTRA Ragnar team for the Chicago relay. Running the Inaugural Blue Ox marathon and be injury free for 2013

  8. John


    New York, NY To run 8min pace for 3miles.

  9. Elsa


    Arlington, WA 5k done! Another 5k in April, then an 8k in May. More endurance for hiking. Overall, to run a 5k four days a week and lose weight in the process.

  10. Errin


    Alhambra, CA To pedal 10000 miles this calendar year. Maybe become a Super Randonneur, but more importantly complete the Tour Divide. That's the same goal as last year.

  11. Graham S.
  12. Fizz M.

    Fizz M.

    Hampshire, GB Power2Pedal

  13. Yvonne


    Newark, NY 5K runs Sometimes I'm a walker, but this thing won't let me pick 2 options.

  14. Nikita S.

    Nikita S.

    Seattle, WA To cycle around the Moon on a unicycle while juggling 17 flaming chainsaws with one hand and 12 saltwater crocodiles with the other.

  15. Joyce G.

    Joyce G.

    Milwaukee, WI Since I'm not currently training for anything, I just want to keep active! I guess I should pick a race, ha-ha.

  16. James H.

    James H.

    Molalla, OR 20 lost lbs

  17. Tim K.

    Tim K.

    Westlake, TX Live life.

  18. Chris H.

    Chris H.

    Orange, CA Compete in my first two Triathlon in 2011. My ultimate goal is to compete and finish in The Iron Man triathlon.

  19. Matthew L.

    Matthew L.

    Johnstown, PA Marathon

  20. Adil G.

    Adil G.

    Mumbai, IN Road Racing, Time Trial events at National Level. A Cycling Federation of India & Maharashtra Cycling Association Racer, starting to train after 16.5 years.