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  1. Dell
  2. James M.

    James M.

    US Reliable motorcycle dealers in Severna Park! Find wide selection of new and old motorcycles for sale at best rates from leading brands. Call 410-647-5880!

  3. Harrison M.

    Harrison M.

    Garner, NC Hi my name is Harry. I like to work on cars and motorcycles when I'm not spending time with my wife and 3 kids.

  4. Robert
  5. Marc
  6. Sam B.

    Sam B.

    Bury St Edmunds, GB Improve my running and general fitness as I get ready for Air Force basic training, Nov 17th.

  7. Maggie S.

    Maggie S.

    Minneapolis, MN

  8. Joe C.

    Joe C.

    San Jose, CA To improve my competitive 'fitness' and try to complete a half IM within the next year.

  9. Graeme H.

    Graeme H.

    Tucson, AZ Just ride. Improve skills in both road and mountain biking by cross-training.

  10. Brian R.

    Brian R.

    San Francisco, CA

  11. Mari


    Decatur, GA get back in shape. Wouldn't call myself a runner but starting now and going to see how far I go.

  12. Jason B.

    Jason B.

    Joliet, IL Illinois Marathon 3:30

  13. Knuts


    Wind Blow, NC To encourage more people to become life long runners and to live a life filled with peace and contentment.

  14. Jago B.

    Jago B.

    Kissimmee, FL Half-mile-a-thon ....................................... Race to 240 ....................................... BeachBody 2015

  15. Mike B.

    Mike B.

    Oswego, IL Break PRs as often as possible. I may not be faster than you, but I'm trying to be faster than me!

  16. Oboros


    Seattle, WA Marathon Maniac #9859. Not active on DM

  17. Lynn R.

    Lynn R.

    Eufaula, OK A goal, I'm supposed to have a goal???

  18. Jorge P.

    Jorge P.

    Baton Rouge, LA 50 marathons in 50 states? Done! We'll see what next...

  19. Rocky A.

    Rocky A.

    Nashville, TN My goal is to transition from a cyclist to a runner. I don't know my exact goal yet, but I will soon.

  20. Jeff


    Gilbert, AZ Phoenix Half Marathon