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  1. Prentice B.
  2. Zepfanman


    Louisville, KY Basic exercise several times a week. Plain and simple.

  3. Emma W.

    Emma W.

    Grand Rapids, MI 25K/ Triathlons

  4. Rick F.

    Rick F.

    Youngstown, OH

  5. Mel W.

    Mel W.

    Dorchester, GB 2012 is the year I'm going to do all the races I fancy, whether they are road races, trail or just totally insane. All in aid for Help 4 Heroes. Bring it on!!!!

  6. Michelle F.

    Michelle F.

    US Continue to lose weight, and shave another 5 minutes off my half marathon PR.

  7. Kalleah S.

    Kalleah S.

    Oklahoma City, OK to keep going...

  8. Erik H.

    Erik H.

    Big Lake, MN Within a couple years, I'd like to run and finish a marathon under 4 hrs, preferably Grandma's in Duluth, or the Minneapolis Marathon.

  9. Juan G.

    Juan G.

    Corpus Christi, TX Run 1 1/2 mile under 9 mins and 3 miles under 21 mins.

  10. Aaron K.

    Aaron K.

    Omaha, NE Nothing at the Moment!

  11. Nigel B.

    Nigel B.

    Oakville, ON

  12. Bradley H.

    Bradley H.

    Letete, NB Live like I was dying,love like no tomorrow, laugh alot, run a 100miler,50miler ,100km ,an 50km race

  13. Charlie A.

    Charlie A.

    Taunton, GB half marathon

  14. Lesa Hill R.

    Lesa Hill R.

    Tulsa, OK To get back into shape and back into running everyday.....

  15. Charlie F.

    Charlie F.

    Beaumont, TX Sub 3:40 marathon. I have run a sub 1:45 half, sub 45 10k, and sub 22 5k, eight tries in the marathon and still working on it.

  16. John H.

    John H.

    Orlando, FL To Complete 100 Lifetime Marathons; #86, #87 scheduled for 2011 :)

  17. Chris B.
  18. Nicholas F.

    Nicholas F.

    Wichita, KS I want to get down to 190 pounds and to be able to run a half marithon.

  19. Rick W.

    Rick W.

    Fargo, ND Wellness

  20. Zach J.

    Zach J.

    Tooele, UT