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  1. Ron Ivan G.

    Ron Ivan G.

    Taguig City, PH run a marathon and an ultramarathon. umm, done! oh well, run some more of them!

  2. Michael E.

    Michael E.

    Sittingbourne, GB I'm a commuter/weekend cyclist and occasional runner. I want to get into the best shape I can for my age and enjoy myself whilst I do it.

  3. Kailey H.

    Kailey H.

    Minneapolis, MN lose 5 lbs, get fit and stay fit through college

  4. John F.

    John F.

    Houston, TX Get leaner Get faster Spread the word on

  5. Micah B.

    Micah B.

    Detroit, MI lose 10+ pounds by Christmas

  6. Marshall
  7. John M.

    John M.

    Brookline, MA 5 mile race on 4/10 in under 38 minutes. Lose 25 pounds (starting Jan 17th).

  8. Dario S.

    Dario S.

    Delta, BC to run further, faster & more often, giving me valid reason to buy new shoes on a regular basis

  9. Lucian
  10. Ransom
  11. Pamela


    Get fit, lose a few more pounds. Do a marathon walk, then run.

  12. Kevin H.

    Kevin H.

    Sacramento, CA To paraphrase a line from a great movie: I want to run. Run until my muscles burn and my veins pump battery acid. Then I'll run some more.

  13. Nathan V.

    Nathan V.

    Searcy, AR Current Records: 5K 17:52 10K 39:12 Half Marathon 1:25:23 Marathon 3:09:58 Goal: 3:05 Marathon

  14. Anderson
  15. Sid


  16. Jakob
  17. Liam
  18. Herbert
  19. Bruce
  20. Tom