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  1. Jason G.

    Jason G.

    Atibaia, BR I started running while living in Brasil. I'm back in the States for a little while and hope to run some races and maybe a duathlon or 2.

  2. Todd


    Budapest, HU losing weight and staying in shape

  3. Jen S.

    Jen S.

    Stay healthy until I die. Sprint Tri with better times. Century Ride some day. First Olympic (Standard) Tri by 2015. Maybe Half Marathon with better times.

  4. Nancy B.

    Nancy B.

    US After living abroad (India) for a couple of years, I've just starting cycling again to maintain a healthy lifestyle and train for another century.

  5. Deborah L.

    Deborah L.

    Frisco, TX

  6. Laron S.

    Laron S.

    Dallas, TX Get in shape for a 10k this year

  7. Nicholas R.

    Nicholas R.

    San Jose, CR Run the Irazu challenge on the top of a Volcano in Costa Rica.

  8. Jordan C.

    Jordan C.

    Colorado Springs, CO Triathlon & Half-Marathon & 5k & 10k

  9. Danny B.

    Danny B.

    Santa Cruz, Bolivia, BO To move under my own power (cycle, hike, run, etc) 5000 mi a year, every year for next ten years --for a total of 50,000 mi between 2011-2021.

  10. Jim M.

    Jim M.

    Peachtree City, GA Goals for 2019 - 1250+ miles. A metric century ride (62 mile) and maybe a Century ride. Get back to my low weight of 2014 (lose 15+ lbs.). Avg. 2 rides a wk

  11. Vanessa H.

    Vanessa H.

    Bassett, VA 2015... Lose another 100 pounds, Roanoke Color Run in April, Greensboro 1/2 Marathon in the Fall, and complete 1000 miles during the year.

  12. Scott S.

    Scott S.

    Muscatine, IA A sub 60 minute Bix7 and the 11 mile Dam to Dam for longest run

  13. Beth H.

    Beth H.

    Adamstown, PA To be able to run a 5k by fall!

  14. Wendy B.

    Wendy B.

    Sparta, MI To lose 40 pounds and to be strong and healthy

  15. Alejandro
  16. Bar


    Burlington, VT Liberate the Tower of the Guiding Light. Stay Flexible.

  17. Brett
  18. Mariano
  19. Erin S.

    Erin S.

    My goal is to work-out 5 days a week for an hour a day.

  20. Parker