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  1. Hugo
  2. Darlene H.

    Darlene H.

    Calgary, AB marathon in October in Kelowna, BC

  3. Claude D.

    Claude D.

    San Diego, CA health-wealth and happiness

  4. Chris D.

    Chris D.

    Palm Beach Gardens, FL Nautica South Beach Triathlon and 4 other events this year

  5. Nils A.

    Nils A.

    Rocky River, OH As a 52 year old to run a 2:30 arathon, 1:15 1/2, and sub 16;00 5k. Pretty agressive.

  6. Teresa V.

    Teresa V.

    Olympia, WA Do 100+ miles per month. Break 30-minutes barrier for 5K, figure out how to do a flip-turn in the pool, and tackle hills well on my bikes.

  7. Anthony Micheal C.

    Anthony Micheal C.

    Williamsport, MD a solid base

  8. Raeanne S.

    Raeanne S.

    Decatur, IL A REAL pull-up!

  9. Gail D.

    Gail D.

    US Gail Doby is the Chief Vision Officer and Co-founder of Design Success University, LLC, and your Interior Design Business Success Mentor.

  10. Laurie Ann M.

    Laurie Ann M.

    Brantford, ON Living happy, healthy, active, & adventurous with my husband and three children! I'm rebuilding my running base and moving forward from there.

  11. Rachel S.

    Rachel S.

    Piqua, OH Lose fat!

  12. Vanessa S.

    Vanessa S.

    Sterling, VA Build, build, build muscle! Complete my 2nd half marathon in November 2011.

  13. Jonathon
  14. Merle
  15. Ed


  16. Ross
  17. Henry
  18. Llewellyn
  19. Andrew
  20. Garnett