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  1. Jillian A.

    Jillian A.

    Port Hueneme, CA to start out walking every day. i want to lose weight and meet new people in the process.

  2. Green
  3. John
  4. Ali


  5. Beverly
  6. Lohan
  7. Leon
  8. Jack
  9. Edith
  10. Jacob
  11. Erika C.

    Erika C.

    Chicago, IL Shamrock Shuffle (8k) and the 10 mile run at Soldier Field, perhaps even the Community Nurse 10 Mile & the half marathon. I have great people pushing me!!

  12. Angela A.

    Angela A.

    Niceville, FL new goal! to keep it consistent....although i do have a tough mudder in Milton, Florida in march!

  13. Lindsay


    OH I need to get into a good routine this year, use a variety of workouts, get to a healthy weight. As a runner, I want to build my endurance and complete a 10k.

  14. Pauline G.

    Pauline G.

    New Plymouth, NZ To run my first marathon in 2013 and to do my first ironman 2014.

  15. Ramon M.

    Ramon M.

    La Crosse, WI

  16. Carrie


    Williston, VT 5K Race

  17. Regina


    Elk Grove, CA Lose 10 Lbs N Stay In Bmi Range

  18. Ginny K.

    Ginny K.

    Augusta 70.3

  19. Ashley V.

    Ashley V.

    Cleveland, OH Lose 200 Pounds and Become The Runner I've Always Wanted To Be.

  20. Saskia W.

    Saskia W.

    Seattle, WA 2013 Goals: 1. Run first 1/2 marathon, 2. Hike 150 mi., 3. Climb a Mt. in WA 4. Swim more