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  1. Oregon Martial A.

    Oregon Martial A.

    Tigard, OR Want to learn MMA in Portland? contact us: Oregon Martial Arts 14355 S.W. Pacific Hwy, 97224 U.S.A. Phone: 50-598-8055 E-mail:

  2. Delmar
  3. Njq I.

    Njq I.

    Manly Nsw, AU - NJQ Internal Arts, facilitators of Chinese Internal Martial Arts for all. Promoting passage through the door of healing.

  4. Bernie
  5. Go2 K.

    Go2 K.

    Virginia Beach, VA Go2Karate™ is a martial arts listing site that helps connect community members with martial art school around the world.

  6. Reggie
  7. Brandon K J.

    Brandon K J.

    Washington, DC BodyBuilding, Mixed Martial Arts, Ninja Warrior

  8. Darin W.

    Darin W.

    Huntersville, NC Just supplimenting my martial arts training at the moment!

  9. Ryan H.

    Ryan H.

    Sidney, OH General Fitness / Martial Arts / Body Building

  10. Gerry N.

    Gerry N.

    Pattaya, TH Martial Arts

  11. Brad D.

    Brad D.

    Philadelphia, PA Daddis Mixed Martial Arts in Philadelphia, PA, Cherry Hill, NJ and Hamilton, NJ has transformed lives regardless of gender, age or athletic ability.

  12. Naim
  13. Ron


  14. Bill
  15. Jason V.

    Jason V.

    Ste. Genevieve, MO Get back into "fighting shape" when I get back into martial arts and maintain fitness. Biggest race done: Get Your Butt Kicked At Route 66 6-hour summer race

  16. Carol W.

    Carol W.

    New York, NY Here you’ll find detailed Information, History, Photos & Carl\'s original HAND TO HAND COMBAT & MARTIAL ARTS DVDs.

  17. Augusto E.

    Augusto E.

    Brooklyn, NY Get my body fat percentage low enough to unveil my abs and increase muscle mass on lats.

  18. Captain C.

    Captain C.

    Captain Chris, world leader in self defense provides his tried methods free on his website,

  19. Victoria D.

    Victoria D.

    Pittsburgh, PA Lost 50lbs since July 2010,15 more til I hit my goal.

  20. Starlos


    Miami, FL I love to challenge myself...