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  1. Rika H.

    Rika H.

    Coquitlam, BC Full Marathon: Sub3

  2. Bryan C.

    Bryan C.

    New York, NY Run a 3:30 marathon this year.

  3. Christina M.

    Christina M.

    Pflugerville, TX Done with having kids (2013) and now training for my very first marathon! So it's back to regular work outs and increasing my running distance and speed.

  4. Jayaraman


    Running mumbai marathon 21 km within 2hours & 15 minutes.

  5. Michael A.

    Michael A.

    Syracuse, NY 5k, 10k, and another marathon. Hoping to qualify again for the Boston Marathon 2011.

  6. Teri G.

    Teri G.

    1) Run a sub 1:44:00 1/2 Marathon in 2012 2) Run a sub 47:30 10K in 2012 3) Run a sub 3:50:00 Marathon in 2012 (BQ)

  7. Noel


    San Mateo, CA Don't Worry. Be Happy. Avoid Injuries. Run Next Marathon Well.

  8. Jess


    Lima, PE New York City Marathon - 2013. Also, looking for females, in Lima, who would like to run/train around the Pentagonito with me - preferably in English.

  9. Tammy Z.

    Tammy Z.

    Waukesha, WI To beat my marathon PR and to do the Kettle 100k this June.

  10. Israel A.

    Israel A.

    Northamptonshire, GB Run crazy races that are against the ordinary. Run lots of trail marathons and finish in top 10%. Have fun. Enjoy the journey. No injuries. Crazy running!

  11. Tune


    Portland, OR Improve my time in the Portland Marathon this coming year, and train more efficiently. Eat healthier and monitor my progress.

  12. Chantal


    Paris, FR stay fit and healthy and a half marathon -2h

  13. Kaella


    AB, CA 6K in March 10K in April To run a a half marathon

  14. Scott R.

    Scott R.

    Springfield, MO 50k 3/2 Tulsa✅ 26.2 3/3 Tulsa✅ 50k 4/20 Chubb✅ 50k break 4:45✅ Bike across MO on Rte 66 in three days✅ Break 50 hours in the MR 340✅ First 50m finish

  15. Heather S.

    Heather S.

    Peoria, IL Complete a marathon in all 50 states and to finish an ultramarathon.

  16. Elizabeth S.

    Elizabeth S.

    New York, NY I'd like to run a half-marathon in the next year.

  17. Joshua H.

    Joshua H.

    Salt Lake City, UT

  18. Angie D.

    Angie D.

    St Clairsville, OH To run the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 15, 2011! This will be marathon # 12 :)

  19. Thomas O.

    Thomas O.

    Austin, TX Place 1, 2 or 3 in my age group for a marathon. update:On 10- 27-2012 I finished 1st place in the Chosen Marathon. Time of 2:47:20 Any suggestion on new goal?

  20. Todd A.

    Todd A.

    FL Try to squeeze a run in between work and school. Re-qualify for the Boston Marathon. Run a marathon early 2012...then one of the big races late 2012.