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  1. Jeffrey
  2. Christena D.

    Christena D.

    Philadelphia, PA 2011 NYC Tri in under 3 hours.

  3. Brittany M.

    Brittany M.

    San Francisco, CA CIM

  4. Emily T.

    Emily T.

    Knoxville, TN 21 minute 5K by December, 2011. 3:33 marathon by March 2012.

  5. Amber M.

    Amber M.

    IL run

  6. Ali Y.

    Ali Y.

    Santa Rosa, CA InkedRunnerette* To increase my mileage and ultimately do an ultra-marathon at some point (sooner than later)

  7. Rachel


    Chilliwack, BC Increase the speed and duration of my runs, train for a 1/2 marathon, and stay injury free!

  8. Olivia L.

    Olivia L.

    New York, NY

  9. Aurelia H.

    Aurelia H.

    West Hartford, CT Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon (who wouldn't want a tiara finishers' medal?)

  10. Porter
  11. Jessica N.

    Jessica N.

    San Jose, CA complete taji 100 and pr a half marathon in march

  12. Ty


  13. Hans