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  1. Jen N.

    Jen N.

    Northfield, NJ I am rehabbing from knee and ankle surgery (November 17, 2011). My 1st goal - to walk a mile!

  2. Emily K.

    Emily K.

    Marysville, OH I'm going to get in the best shape of my life!

  3. Pete B.

    Pete B.

    Penn, GB Catch Andrea,

  4. Brironman


    Seattle, WA Triahtlon - All distances

  5. Loni E.

    Loni E.

    Charleston, SC To stay active, strong, and healthy!

  6. Tammy H.

    Tammy H.

    Buckhorn, NM I've tried this less than a year ago, I'm back! I have a support friend motivating me. I'm loving this and really enjoying getting healthy!

  7. Shauna A.

    Shauna A.

    Carlsbad, CA To increase my yoga practice to gain peace of mind, knowledge and get my ass in shape on all levels!

  8. Chris H.

    Chris H.

    Noblesville, IN Completed my 2nd 1/2 marathon with a PR in 2010. Cut my time by almost 13 minutes. Now back just to loose weight!

  9. Lauren


    New York, NY After completing my first 5K 6/16/10, I am HOOKED! Workout regimen: running/biking/Kettle Bell/weight training 5-6x/wk.

  10. Lee


  11. Emma B.

    Emma B.

    Portsmouth, GB build a good solid base in 2016 working on pace, fitness to achieve my ultra A plan in 2017

  12. Bryan
  13. Amanda H.

    Amanda H.

    Blairsville, GA 500 miles in 2013

  14. Doni S.

    Doni S.

    Corvallis, OR Off and on again running this year; just coming back from an 'off' and recalled I had this profile. Might as well use it to keep a record!

  15. Alicia F.

    Alicia F.

    Franklin, OH 1/2 Marathon

  16. Andrea


    Kentwood, MI 5k

  17. Shawn


    Houston, TX Lose weight

  18. Angela V.

    Angela V.

    Las Vegas, NV Stay healthy!!

  19. Irvin
  20. Lacy