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  1. Jen N.

    Jen N.

    Northfield, NJ I am rehabbing from knee and ankle surgery (November 17, 2011). My 1st goal - to walk a mile!

  2. Pete B.

    Pete B.

    Penn, GB Catch Andrea,

  3. Cassandra M.

    Cassandra M.

    Burlington, VT Shelburne Beach Sprint Triathlon July 3, 2010.

  4. Wayne H.

    Wayne H.

    Raleigh, NC To stay healthy, lose weight. Run a 30 min. 5k and a 1 hour 10k in 2013. To train for and run at least a half by Spring 2014 and a full by Fall 2014...maybe...

  5. Shauna A.

    Shauna A.

    Carlsbad, CA To increase my yoga practice to gain peace of mind, knowledge and get my ass in shape on all levels!

  6. Annee A.

    Annee A.

    Cloquet, MN Weight loss, finish a 5K, finish a long-distance bike ride, finish a half-marathon, commit to a healthy lifestyle.

  7. John P.

    John P.

    Kansas City, MO To lose about 40 pounds and run 2-3 times a week about 5 miles each time at a 7-8 minute/mile pace.

  8. Jen M.

    Jen M.

    West Chester, PA Columbia Women's Triathlon

  9. Shayna L.

    Shayna L.

    Wellington, FL To run a 1/2 marathon in May 2012! Also to be healthier, happier and hopefully lose a little weight in the process.

  10. Ashley A.

    Ashley A.

    Denver, CO Become a better, healthier, stronger runner and overall individual!

  11. Jenna C.

    Jenna C.

    New Wilmington, PA I'm transitioning from a sprinter to a runner. My sprinting days are over and I love a good challenge, so I'm learning how to run distance!

  12. Evan
  13. Alicia F.

    Alicia F.

    Franklin, OH 1/2 Marathon

  14. Bethany S.

    Bethany S.

    West Liberty, OH

  15. Sydney