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  1. Lola J P W.

    Lola J P W.

    NC To LIVE a healthy lifestyle through mind, body and soul. Running, Yoga, Exercise, Snow Skiing, Healthy Eating. Surrounding myself with loving family and friends

  2. Dany
  3. Tammy H.

    Tammy H.

    Buckhorn, NM I've tried this less than a year ago, I'm back! I have a support friend motivating me. I'm loving this and really enjoying getting healthy!

  4. Wilton
  5. Jen N.

    Jen N.

    Northfield, NJ I am rehabbing from knee and ankle surgery (November 17, 2011). My 1st goal - to walk a mile!

  6. Amy


  7. Ricky
  8. Kerry
  9. Maude
  10. Buster
  11. Cory
  12. Rachael C.

    Rachael C.

    Mount Juliet, TN To have a healthy mind, body, and spirit!

  13. Odell
  14. Alexy
  15. Karla W.

    Karla W.

    Chicago, IL the Chicago Marathon

  16. Melora B.

    Melora B.

    Denver, CO Half marathon training (perpetual), decrease bodyfat, & improve overall time in my annual sprint tri

  17. Nicodemus F.

    Nicodemus F.

    Detroit, MI

  18. Mindy


    UT Moab, Half Mararhon

  19. Dana S.

    Dana S.

    Sierra Vista, AZ get back into shape! More running and cycling....still keep up the yoga

  20. Michelle L.

    Michelle L.

    Nyack, NY Contemplating it...