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  1. Stacey K.

    Stacey K.

    Kansas City, MO

  2. Nicole S.

    Nicole S.

    Rice Lake, WI Run a 1/2 marathon some day :)

  3. Michelle K.

    Michelle K.

    Houston, TX Be healthy, feel good, have more energy and live a long, happy life!

  4. Henry C.

    Henry C.

    Washington, DC

  5. Jeremy M.

    Jeremy M.

    Austin, TX turn back the clock a few years.

  6. Kimberly


    To get fit! Hopefully along that journey I'll lose a few pounds and jiggle a bit less.

  7. Camilo R.

    Camilo R.

    Madrid, ES to get better...

  8. Amanda


    Chicago, IL Chicago Half Marathon

  9. Bethany


    Bradenton, FL See that picture on my profile. I want to be back to that. I'm not going to lie about my weight gain over the last 1.5 years. I got 30 lbs to lose. I'm ready.

  10. Sara L.

    Sara L.

    Oak Park, IL Just trying to lose weight and take it one day at a time.

  11. Nicole G.

    Nicole G.

    Soquel, CA "Cool Runnings" means "Peace Be The Journey."

  12. Michael N.

    Michael N.

    After completing 2 marathons and 4 half-marathons, I am now registered to run the Chicago Marathon in October 2012. My goal is to qualify for Boston.

  13. Christina


    Dallas, TX get fit and have fun!

  14. Eric W.

    Eric W.

    Austin, TX get better in my tri training all year long... start swimming regularly!

  15. Nicholas E.

    Nicholas E.

    Charlottesville, VA 3-5k Fun runs

  16. Brandi Y.

    Brandi Y.

    Baton Rouge, LA

  17. Anne D.

    Anne D.

    Philadelphia, PA 148 lbs

  18. Riley F.

    Riley F.

    Franklin, MA

  19. Jennifer H.

    Jennifer H.

    Atlanta, GA Peachtree Road Race

  20. Andrew J.

    Andrew J.

    I want to lose fat around my stomach while promoting a healthy lifestyle and looking good for my fiance.