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  1. Marco M.

    Marco M.

    Lisbon, PT Having fun and being healthy!

  2. Pablo
  3. Andrea T.

    Andrea T.

    Boulder, CO 1500 miles combined running (trails) with cycling (indoors, road & mtn biking) for 2011

  4. Holly B.

    Holly B.

    Haverhill, MA Work out with some regularity

  5. George
  6. Claire
  7. Norman
  8. Mitchell
  9. Nichole D.

    Nichole D.

    Cedar Falls, IA Higher endurance. Overcome Asthma.

  10. Coby A.

    Coby A.

    Wise, VA Better health.

  11. Zac E.

    Zac E.

    Grantsville, UT Break 19:30 before the season

  12. Dale
  13. Eddie V.

    Eddie V.

    Englewood, CO 5K race by mid March (completed) 10K by May (pending) Half Marathon by Oct (pending) Running injury free (getting there)

  14. Monika T.

    Monika T.

    Pottstown, PA 1) Tone up 2) To not be winded when I walk up 3 flights of stairs at work 3) To wear smaller pants 4) To be able to actually run - 5k in April/May 2012

  15. Nickie B.

    Nickie B.

    Hazelwood, MO to run in a marathon some day, a half in 2013, eat clean %100,to get as lean as possible n to keep on running 4 me n to inspire others

  16. Tony V.

    Tony V.

    Tupelo, MS To live a long and healthy life. Continue to run and compete in obstacles races PR's Full 3:24,Half 1:31,10k 38:43,5k 17:45, 2Mi 10:25,1Mi 4:47,1/2Mi 1:55

  17. Nelson P.

    Nelson P.

    Adams, WI My main goal right now is to get in better shape and to be able to run a 5min/mile before 12/21/2012

  18. Becky C.

    Becky C.

    Wauwatosa, WI to run my second marathon and to continue to stay in shape as a fire fighter :)

  19. Tish


    Charlevoix, MI To run a 5k. Did my very first 5k on 4-24-2010 but I walked it so my goal is to be able to run the same 5k at next years race!

  20. Robin Stacy

    Robin Stacy

    VA Work off stress/frustration and hopefully lose pounds in the process. Last year my miles were close to 800. Would love to break 1000 miles for the year 2013.