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  1. Charles R.

    Charles R.

    WI I love yoga, barefoot running, playing basketball, and liftin weights. My goal is to train so that I can defeat Batman.

  2. Aimee L.

    Aimee L.

    Houston, TX Run Houston's Half Marathon - Jan 2013. Goal to meet my last time 2:15:38. Also get stronger with CrossFit & Olympic Lifting. So much fun!!!!

  3. Peter
  4. Royal
  5. 2fit-2quit


    Evansville, IN

  6. Steve G.

    Steve G.

    Las Vegas, NV run 1st marathon, gain 10lbs of muscle (min)

  7. Daniela V.

    Daniela V.


  8. Shane R.

    Shane R.

    Des Moines, IA

  9. Carissa G.

    Carissa G.

    Beaverton, OR Reach the Beach (80 mile ride) and MS Bike Ride (100 miles) and my first mini-tri in November

  10. Rita D.

    Rita D.

    Bloomington, IL Weekly Run 10 - 15 miles with 3 - 4 cardio cross trains-Spinning; 2 - 3 strength based workouts including push ups; 2 - 3 yoga and/or pilates workouts

  11. Jake W.

    Jake W.

    Aurora, IL Make it to my goal weight of 170... Got down to 188 in October but I'm back to about 199. Run a half in under 2:00 hours.

  12. Stephen H.

    Stephen H.

    Houston, TX My goal is simply to start moving again after being on a workout hiatus for the past three months. Want to get back to running 5 miles a day by Jan. 1

  13. Greg B.

    Greg B.

    Redmond, OR This year I am running four races to raise $10,000 for the Alzheimer's Association of Oregon in memory of my grandmother Julia Sparks.

  14. Carmen S.

    Carmen S.

    Tyler, TX to lose 12 lbs and become more toned.

  15. Jenna D.

    Jenna D.

    Chicago, IL Muster up the courage to actually run a half marathon. I can do it physically every week but races make me nervous!

  16. Christina D.

    Christina D.

    Aurora, CO Health, happiness, world peace...the usual.

  17. Mark Q.

    Mark Q.

    Novi, MI To keep in shape, live a health lifestyle with good combination of exercise and play.

  18. Mark A.

    Mark A.

    Chandler, AZ 50 marathons in 50 states. NM, NV, AZ, MO, CA, NE, MS, OK, MT, GA, TX done. Changing to 1, maybe 2 a year. More than that is too many

  19. Amy C.

    Amy C.

    Union Dale, PA Increase overall strength & endurance as I rehab my knee & back injuries. Tackle more trail races & return to CrossFit.

  20. Brooke C.

    Brooke C.

    Bothell, WA Overcome a foot injury, lose 60lbs and start running again. Starting at 207 currently at 184 goal is 147.