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  1. Spencer H.

    Spencer H.

    Mason, OH Stay in shape, try new things. Simply to keep myself enjoying hard work and thanking God for the ability to do these things. Keeping Him as my focus!

  2. Emilee


    Boston, MA I am just learning how to love running, haha. I would like to start with a 5K race, and someday run the Marine Corps Marathon (BIG goal).

  3. Joy C.

    Joy C.

    Austin, TX I would like to be healthy and happy. :)

  4. Khimen C.

    Khimen C.

    TX Continue doing all of the amazing things that make me happy!

  5. Bette P.

    Bette P.

    West Haven, CT My goal is training for the 5 Borough that happens in New York City for May 2012

  6. Lauren W.

    Lauren W.

    New London, CT Life

  7. Jessica


    San Diego, CA Be able to run an entire 5K, no walking!

  8. Rapeewan T.

    Rapeewan T.

    Sydney, AU Training for New York Marathon in Nov 6th and Triathlon late November. To keep fit, healthy and in shape :)

  9. Lindsay


    OH I need to get into a good routine this year, use a variety of workouts, get to a healthy weight. As a runner, I want to build my endurance and complete a 10k.

  10. Jessica S.

    Jessica S.

    Indianapolis, IN Overall fitness as well as competitive track racing starting May 2011...

  11. Regina


    Elk Grove, CA Lose 10 Lbs N Stay In Bmi Range

  12. Ginny K.

    Ginny K.

    Augusta 70.3

  13. Ashley V.

    Ashley V.

    Cleveland, OH Lose 200 Pounds and Become The Runner I've Always Wanted To Be.

  14. Margaret T.
  15. Mandy M.

    Mandy M.

    UT I accomplished my first goal as a beginner. I'm proud 2 say I ran a 5k on Thanksgiving & now looking forward to doing my first 10k at the Boulder Boulder Race.

  16. Patricia R.

    Patricia R.

    Texas To stay active, encourage others, and enjoy the journey.

  17. Francis
  18. Rick
  19. Anson
  20. Patrick B.

    Patrick B.

    St Charles, IL Every other day. Strength training, running, and cycling all summer. 5K in June.