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  1. Curt


    VA 2,000 cycling miles for the year including a Century ride at some point. More consistent attendance at Kendo practice

  2. Tawna E.

    Tawna E.

    Inglewood, CA still go-kyuu, so my goal is to achieve yon-kyuu rank in kendo

  3. Luyi L.

    Luyi L.

    Shanghai Shi (Shanghai Shi), CN Jogging

  4. Daniel K.

    Daniel K.

    Düsseldorf, DE  …  official 21k run mid-year :)

  5. Fred


    Pontpoint, FR To lose 3 kg this year...

  6. Mike H.

    Mike H.

    Cincinnati, OH To stay healthy, happy and injury free.

  7. Andrew M.

    Andrew M.

    Roswell, GA To see how fast I can run a mile, how far I can run before I get tired

  8. Miru K.

    Miru K.

    Mississauga, ON For those that somehow stumble onto my page, I'm merely keeping this as a journal/blog purely for my personal use. I'd keep a blog if it had an interactive map

  9. Russell W.

    Russell W.

    Essex, UK 100 mile cycle next Summer

  10. Blitz S.

    Blitz S.

    London, GB