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  1. Kat T.

    Kat T.

    Toronto, ON Become a better Joggler aka running + juggling , and complete a race or two w/ 5 or less drops

  2. Baruch L.

    Baruch L.

    Calgary, AB to be active, eat well, and compete at a high level many sports.

  3. Charlie E.

    Charlie E.

    NC My primary goal is to meet new people and experience different cultures through running and adventure. And to advocate social and environmental responsibility.

  4. Aram S.

    Aram S.

    San Francisco, CA To stay in shape, enjoy my workouts and live a happy life.

  5. Limegirl


    To get off the couch.

  6. Thomas F.

    Thomas F.

    Vienna, AT

  7. Fatmanshuffler


    Shawnee, KS Making better decisions and getting back into logging miles.

  8. Mark D.

    Mark D.

    Gilbert, AZ Trying desperately to lose weight, improve my stamina and control my diabetes.

  9. Curt


    VA 2,000 cycling miles for the year including a Century ride at some point. More consistent attendance at Kendo practice

  10. Heidi


    Naperville, IL

  11. Alfonso M.

    Alfonso M.

    Fort Lauderdale, FL To continue to improve my endurance, weight loss, and readiness for the coming zombie apocalypse. Rule Number 1: Cardio.

  12. Robin M.

    Robin M.

    London, ON Just looking to stay active.

  13. Alex H.

    Alex H.

    Birmingham, AL

  14. Ian S.

    Ian S.

    Albany, NY Get into Shape

  15. Robert M.

    Robert M.

    Spring City, PA Ride across the USA next year.

  16. Matt E.

    Matt E.

    Toronto, ON

  17. Michael C.

    Michael C.

    no goal just fun

  18. Enrico P.

    Enrico P.

    Karlsruhe, DE 10 km under 1 hour

  19. Leonardo
  20. Gilbert