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  1. Mary S.

    Mary S.

    Minneapolis, MN Polar Dash 1/1/10

  2. Stephanie


    Aurora, CO

  3. Rebecca Jo

    Rebecca Jo

    Louisville, KY My goal? to NEVER GIVE UP... no matter what pace I'm at - no matter how many people pass me along the way... This is a race against myself :)

  4. Julia S.

    Julia S.

    CO To be the healthiest Julia I can be

  5. Carol S.

    Carol S.

    Williamsburg, VA

  6. Peggy B.

    Peggy B.

    Olathe, KS Hospital Hill Run Spring 2014 Third triathlon July, 2014 Smithville Lake 10K Fall 2014

  7. Ruchi V.

    Ruchi V.

    Collierville, TN

  8. Bryna G.

    Bryna G.

    Nashville, TN Disney full marathon January 8, 2012...beyond that....well, let's just get there and survive, then we'll talk!

  9. Janet M.

    Janet M.

    Bellingham, WA New Goal! Run 12 Half Marathons in 12 consecutive months. (7 done so far!)

  10. Lori W.

    Lori W.

    Columbus, OH

  11. Charlotte L.

    Charlotte L.

    Hilliard, OH To someday run a marathon

  12. Sharman K W.
  13. Terrell
  14. Jeanne T.

    Jeanne T.

    Chantilly, VA

  15. Sunamita L.

    Sunamita L.

    Encinitas, CA Training for my first half marathon in March