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  1. Nihongo P.

    Nihongo P.

    Japan Have fun learning Japanese! You can start any time. A Japanese Language School, Tokyo offering fun and effective small-sized group lessons!

  2. Benjamin J.

    Benjamin J.

    New York, NY In spite of the fact that numerous Japanese know English however the greater part of them want to talk in their native language

  3. Vicki L.

    Vicki L.

    Yokosuka, JP *To lower my weight, blood pressure, sugar levels *To continue with sprint triathlons * To be able to fit into clothes sold in Japanese clothing stores. ;-)

  4. Deniz
  5. Noble
  6. Robin Abigail M.

    Robin Abigail M.

    Get the barbie bodz and to come in first place in all my meets this upcoming school year!

  7. Devon
  8. Mitch
  9. Juan
  10. Monty
  11. Hugo
  12. Lyle
  13. Ralph
  14. Jacob
  15. Garland
  16. John A.

    John A.

    Melbourne, AU

  17. Trever S.

    Trever S.

    Morrisville, NC just to keep running

  18. Chris B.

    Chris B.

    Aichi Prefecture, Japan, JP Marathon?

  19. Jason D.

    Jason D.

    Colorado Springs, CO

  20. Jeff H.

    Jeff H.

    My goal is to workout hard and stay healthy. And get my six-pack back :D