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  1. Yookoso J.

    Yookoso J.

    Japan Wish to move and to live in Japan? Need a VISA for Japan? We provide VISA application assistance, real estate services for Tokyo area and company opening

  2. Latonya


    Japan, JP Be Happy. Be Confident. Be Kind. ~ Jeanette Jenkins Follow Me on Twitter @ATravelista

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  4. Gerald
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  17. Sammantha S.

    Sammantha S.

    Amelia, OH Become more physically fit.

  18. Haley S.

    Haley S.

    To lose the fat i want to get rid of! >:D

  19. Bo-Yu L.

    Bo-Yu L.

    Taipei City, TW 42.2km in 3.5hr

  20. Fred


    Pontpoint, FR To lose 3 kg this year...