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  1. Marty
  2. Benjamin
  3. Morgan
  4. Roe


  5. Joseph L.

    Joseph L.

    Chester, GB

  6. Ana W.

    Ana W.

    Worthington, MA Get comfortable with 50k trail races. Focus on under 6 hour for 50 k trail. Waramaug 2017 50 miler?

  7. Kimberly M.

    Kimberly M.

    Tampa, FL Stop being a slob and get myself back into shape!

  8. Cesar P.

    Cesar P.

    Vienna, AT to see where this goes...

  9. Tina C.

    Tina C.

    Leesburg, VA

  10. Natalie


    Chicago, IL I want to continue running injury-free until I am an old, old lady. Throw in a couple more 5ks, 10ks, half-marathons and maybe a couple more marathons.

  11. AwesomelyHumble


    Tustin, CA Half-marathon <1:30, triathlon in 2012, and Ironman in 2014. Feeling great all the way through.

  12. Junaida Yaacub J.

    Junaida Yaacub J.

    Greater Houston, TX, USA

  13. Charlie R.

    Charlie R.

    Portland, OR For some reason I decided to sign up for Rugged Maniac, Spartan AND Tough Mudder. Time to train, train, TRAIN!

  14. Justin F.

    Justin F.

    Wilmington, NC Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, Have Fun

  15. Tara


    Seattle, WA Lose 82 lbs, start 232, currently 222, reach 150

  16. Axel
  17. Damien
  18. Ross T.
  19. Cohikergirl


    Arvada, CO Regain my full health and fitness!

  20. Tonya M.

    Tonya M.

    South Bend, IN Moving to Seoul, South Korea in July 2017. As of April 7, 2017: 290.2 lbs. My goal is to lose weight and get fit enough to commute by bike in Seoul.