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  1. Owen
  2. Nichiless D.

    Nichiless D.

    Neunkirchen Seelscheid, DE Get fit for the Ronde van Vlaanderen, Paris-Roubaix and Liege-Bastoigne-Liege cyclosprotives 2012.

  3. Charmaine W.

    Charmaine W.

    Los Angeles, CA New mom. Run 3 marathons in the next year (to total 15 overall)

  4. Chris J.

    Chris J.

    Winona, MN to always improve my times, stay fit and healthy

  5. Shari K.

    Shari K.

    Elk River, MN Weight loss and improved speed and endurance.

  6. Redvan K.

    Redvan K.

    New York, NY Stay fit and and get faster in running :D

  7. Dorrine M.

    Dorrine M.

    San Diego, CA General fitness and lasting happiness. (That's me in the white at a breast cancer walk with Tiki!<-------)

  8. Brian


    Albemarle, NC Exercise consistently to remain healthy, manage stress, and keep positive!

  9. Julie G.

    Julie G.

    Berkley, MI

  10. Lindsay C.

    Lindsay C.

    Phoenix, AZ Get in better shape for my wedding on 11/6/2010!

  11. Alexis M.

    Alexis M.

    US To recover from a stress fracture in my heel and get back on the road!

  12. Char D.

    Char D.

    Nashville, TN Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness

  13. Jessica L.

    Jessica L.

    Prescott, AZ Fitness, strength and health :)

  14. Carlos Augusto M.

    Carlos Augusto M.

    Salvador, BR 10 km Marathon

  15. Courtney T.

    Courtney T.

    It's time to get in shape for good.

  16. Ash


    Arlington, VA

  17. Tammy W.

    Tammy W.

    Kansas City, MO My goal is to accomplish a 5K run in 30 minutes.

  18. Elizabeth B.

    Elizabeth B.

    Greenville, SC My 2014 goals: Break 20 minute 5K, Finish my half marathon in less than 2 hours, & run, run and run some more.

  19. Leszek G.

    Leszek G.

    Poland Beat 40 076 km on my stationary bicycle.

  20. Shane W.

    Shane W.

    Covington, GA Keep trimming up. Finish a half marathon and then a full marathon.