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  1. Bridgette F.

    Bridgette F.

    Clemson, SC 1/2 marathon

  2. Robbie
  3. Charles
  4. Debra P.

    Debra P.

    OK Half marathoner x5. Ragnar x1. 25K x1. Marathon late 2016 & Dopey challenge 2018

  5. Kevin H.

    Kevin H.

    Murfreesboro, TN The best of health.

  6. Manuel
  7. Crystal Rose R.

    Crystal Rose R.

    Killeen, TX

  8. Dee


  9. Miles
  10. Reginald
  11. Don


  12. Mikel
  13. Noah
  14. Doris F.

    Doris F.

    Prosper, TX I love to run and have run several 1/2 marathons and mud runs in the past, but feel like I'm starting all over again after a couple years of life happening...

  15. Shannon
  16. Adam K.

    Adam K.

    Play football as long as i can, at the highest level i can

  17. Tyal R.

    Tyal R.

    Forrest City, AR To meet my fitness goals, while helping to motivate other to reach theirs!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Patricia M.

    Patricia M.

    I want to run an Ultra.

  19. Laneisha W.

    Laneisha W.

    Is to strive to keep my self motivation and never give up!

  20. Serge T.

    Serge T.

    Chambly, FR Atteindre mes buts et objectifs fixés, tout en ayant du plaisir et inspirer plein de gens .