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  1. Vivian
  2. Damian
  3. Katie P.

    Katie P.

    Raleigh, NC Finish at least one round of P90X2. Maybe throw in some Insanity? Start running more consistently and plan for a few races!

  4. Eric S.

    Eric S.

    Milwaukee, WI Complete the Insanity Workout in order to keep myself from going insane (I'm currently being kept off my mountain bike by hand surgery).

  5. Ashleysh22


    Chicago, IL Beginning in March 2012. I want to reach 120 miles of running by the end of the year + 250 hrs of other workouts; Insanity, Body Pump, Crossfit etc

  6. Hannah A.

    Hannah A.

    Rapid City, SD be the healthest ive ever been. working towards it every day. im currently on my second week of Insanity and i have walked 44 miles since the new year

  7. Sydney
  8. Florence
  9. Alan
  10. James M.

    James M.

    Inverness, GB Complete insanity and several local events

  11. Angie P.

    Angie P.

    New London, WI My goal is to do a 5K! Complete 60 day Insanity Challenge!

  12. Momental
  13. Elias
  14. Chuck
  15. Albert
  16. Lynn
  17. Douglas
  18. Elliot
  19. Jose
  20. Cody E.

    Cody E.

    Mancos, CO Stay active in running, possibly complete another half marathon this Spring (2012).