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  1. Ellen A.

    Ellen A.

    Springfield, VA I am no speed demon; I just want to be someone who runs the occasional 5K, and whose time gets a little better with every race.

  2. Melissa U.

    Melissa U.

    Hugo, MN Ultimate goal... Disney Half Marathon But working towards a 10k and 10 mile (Twin Cities 10 mile in October)

  3. Sandy S.

    Sandy S.

    US My goal for 2013: a full suite of races (5k, 10, 15k trail, half, and full). No more off-season!

  4. Tali V.

    Tali V.

    SD 5k in June, 10k in July, Leading Ladies half-marathon in August!

  5. Tina


    North Attleboro, MA 5K

  6. Kaella


    AB, CA 6K in March 10K in April To run a a half marathon

  7. Viana R.

    Viana R.

    San Antonio, TX

  8. Jen H.

    Jen H.

    Norman, OK Feel confident in my strength.

  9. Mel W.

    Mel W.

    Dorchester, GB 2012 is the year I'm going to do all the races I fancy, whether they are road races, trail or just totally insane. All in aid for Help 4 Heroes. Bring it on!!!!

  10. Linda S.

    Linda S.

    Minneapolis, MN Marathon

  11. Aaron E.

    Aaron E.

    Columbus, OH To train/workout 2x - 3x weekly, gradually increase distance and speed. Goal 1: Run routine 5k+'s Goal 2: Run 1/2 Marathon by May 2013