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  1. Gibbon P.

    Gibbon P.

    Charlotte, NC Kick Ass & Take Names!

  2. Luke S.

    Luke S.

    St Louis, MO 5k - Run 17:45 10k - Run 37:30 13.1 - Run 1:25 (Done! 1:25:09) 26.2 - Run 2:55 (BQ is "b" goal) -Get strong, stay healthy/injury free

  3. J Jason M.

    J Jason M.

    Warren, PA To run my FIRST ~ 5k [6/20/09 Polk, OH Strawberry Festival] - 10k [8/1/09 Celoron, NY New Leash on Life] - 1/2 Marathon [10/9/201 Warren, PA]

  4. Adam W.

    Adam W.

    Bryan, TX I have been running for about four years now and I have still not run in an event. I just love to run, and I am always trying to improve my fitness and form.

  5. Lemuel M.

    Lemuel M.

    London, GB Is to run as fast as the fastest man on earth and run the 100 metres in less than 3 seconds if i can :D

  6. Yvonne H.

    Yvonne H.

    Pasadena, CA Get over this sprained meniscus and get my behind back out on the asphalt!

  7. Greg V.

    Greg V.

    Overland Park, KS Every marathon and ultra I run is in honor of a fallen soldier or first responder. After the race, I dedicate the flag I carry, and race medal to the family.

  8. Karen S.

    Karen S.

    Los Angeles, CA To run. And not while being chased; I mean, to actually run.

  9. Jessica H.

    Jessica H.

    Antioch, CA Just to play hard and run fast :)

  10. Desiree V.

    Desiree V.

    Quezon City, PH Run my 1st Full Marathon by the last quarter of 2012 / 5K, Sub30 / 10K, Sub1 / 21K Sub2

  11. Molly T.

    Molly T.

    Panama I live in the mountains of Panama. I have exercise induced asthma and I'l like to run the hill more efficiently and faster.

  12. Bill S.

    Bill S.

    Honolulu, HI Better known as billso. I have been wearing VFFs for more running fun in 2011. I carry a small camera when I run.

  13. Joyce L Y.

    Joyce L Y.

    Kitchener, ON Next year will be my 10th year of running. I mostly race half-marathons, a 25K trail race and 10K's. I hope to run my first marathon in 2013!

  14. Meg M.

    Meg M.

    Saratoga, NY Always training for something. It's good to have a goal. Have finished 8 marathons -just finished my Half Iron - Syracuse 70.3!

  15. Blair


    Springville, UT After the birth of my son Ben (April 2011) I am working on getting back to marathon shape. Want to run a half by late summer or fall.

  16. Leslie W.

    Leslie W.

    Monument, CO Just to stay active everyday, whether that is running, walking, or really anything.

  17. Robert Paul A.

    Robert Paul A.

    Los Angeles, CA To run the Seattle half-marathon then eventually run a full marathon

  18. Brian42k


    Wauwatosa, WI Run Forever, but find a running partner/group in Tosa first. Anyone run mornings near 81st and Richmond Ct?

  19. Nicole B.

    Nicole B.

    Crystal Lake, IL To run a couple 5k's this spring & summer and to run the 5 mile trail run again in November and improve my time.

  20. Kristi N.

    Kristi N.

    Thousand Oaks, CA I want to run the Boston Marathon in 2014!