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  1. Krystie G.

    Krystie G.

    Beachwood, NJ My goal is to become skinnier, I love to run and be active. I have asthma and I'm in the process of getting it under control. enjoy new challenges!!!

  2. Frannie T.

    Frannie T.

    Lake Arrowhead, CA to run the comrades in south Africa 2012 the downhill year!

  3. Maria


    Charlotte, NC To run the Thunder Road Half Marathon in Charlotte in November.

  4. Angie F.

    Angie F.

    Portland, OR I run so I don't go crazy. I don't care if the kids are yelling at eachother or that dinner's not ready when I'm damn tired from running.

  5. Naomi R.

    Naomi R.

    Saginaw, MI Is to inspire & motivate my boys! I hope they will enjoy running as much as I do. I also want to run a marathon this year and be in the best shape possible.

  6. Marli M.

    Marli M.

    To run, just run.

  7. Cari M.

    Cari M.

    Merced, CA I want to get in shape and decrease the size of my behind and thighs.

  8. Ashley H.

    Ashley H.

    My goal is to run a marathon and be in the 2020 track and field Olympics!!!!! :D

  9. Jessica


    Salt Lake City, UT To be fit and have fun!!!

  10. Edith L.

    Edith L.

    Camarillo, CA I am doing my first 10K on march 26th, and my 4th half marathon in may. I just want to be healthier and run at least 1000 miles in 2011

  11. Beth


    Arlington, WA To run and be happy. Maybe a race or two.

  12. Melissa K.

    Melissa K.

    Tempe, AZ My goal is to run a half-marothon doing 7:30 min miles

  13. Jessica C M.

    Jessica C M.

    My goal is to run full marathon but for now I am working on running a half marathon!

  14. Megan R.

    Megan R.

    My goal is to lose 20-30 pounds, improve my half marathon time below 2 hours, and run my first full marathon within the next year! :)

  15. Marlece


    Olympia, WA my health, and various races

  16. David P.

    David P.

    Thunder Bay, ON To run as many 5k, 10k half marathons, marathons and possibly ultramarathons!!

  17. Christi J.

    Christi J.

    Hiram, GA lose the fat! build endurance!

  18. Bruce A.

    Bruce A.

    Tucson, AZ Sub 2 Sub 2 Sub2 on my half that is my goal

  19. Dominick B.

    Dominick B.

    Dublin, IE Run a sub 2.50 in Rotterdam April 14th Run the length of Ireland Malin Head to Mizen Head - approx 350 miles ( 11 days) 2014.

  20. Nick G.

    Nick G.

    Toledo, OH is to run a half marathon and then a marathon. I also recently started biking, so I would like to start doing some biking races