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  1. Leif M.
  2. Charlene L.

    Charlene L.

    Jacksonville, FL to get back into shape and lose 20lbs

  3. Frannie T.

    Frannie T.

    Lake Arrowhead, CA to run the comrades in south Africa 2012 the downhill year!

  4. Jamie H.

    Jamie H.

    NJ I need to loose 30 lbs for a start

  5. Lynn T.

    Lynn T.

    Abu Dhabi, AE My goal is to lose at least 50 lbs or 22kg.

  6. Avery M.

    Avery M.

    To run 15:25 and for this to be the best XC season for everyone yet!

  7. Robin B.

    Robin B.

    Manchester, NH My goal is to get to 140 I have a very long way to go. I have about 130lbs to lose to get to my goal. I need friends to motivate me. HELP!!!

  8. Marlo P.

    Marlo P.

    To have a healthy body and maintain my body weight to its normal condition.

  9. Theresa C.

    Theresa C.

    St Agatha, ME I can run a 5K now, but would love to be able to do a 10K by this time next year.

  10. Elle M.

    Elle M.

    Chicago, IL Become a better runner and improve my endurance. I hope to run a marathon one day as well.

  11. Scott P.

    Scott P.

    Pittsboro, NC I'm trying to be a healthy, happier person via exercise.

  12. Tami S.

    Tami S.

    To get into better shape for my son. I want to be a good example and start him off on the right foot.

  13. Meagan G.

    Meagan G.

    Augusta, GA

  14. Haley


    Nashville, TN I would like to become an early morning runner more consistently. I would also like to one day run a half marathon :)

  15. Joe P.

    Joe P.

    Riverside, CA I want to finish a half marathon in under 2 hours by the end of summer. Want to run a marathon!

  16. Marvin
  17. Connie C.

    Connie C.

    Reading, PA Is to build up to running and cycling. Build muscle and to lose 20lbs. I would like to be in the best shape possible.

  18. Danielle W.

    Danielle W.

    To lose all ny baby weight and then some and to become a runner capable of a half marathon! :-)

  19. Ingrid C.

    Ingrid C.

    Gilbert, AZ To improve distance and time. Phoenix half and Brooklyn half 2014 is my goal right now!

  20. Kelly B.

    Kelly B.

    New Braunfels, TX To be healthy, to be thankful for the gift of mobility and use it!