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  1. Laurie K.

    Laurie K.

    Surrey, GB Have an absolute blast.

  2. Keith R.

    Keith R.

    Dallas, TX 5,000 FOCUSED miles; Cat 5 to Cat 3 Racer; Qualify for Team Type 1 RAAM team in 2012; 2+ JDRF Rides; Teach Spin; Run 1,000 miles; Half Marathon; Learn to Swim

  3. Becky L.

    Becky L.

    Goffstown, NH Is to be healthy and fit and to raise money for charity. My son is a cancer survivor and I hope to help raise funds for cancer research with charitable races.

  4. Lindsay A.

    Lindsay A.

    Orange Park, FL To lose weight and get to the point where I feel comfortable in a triathlon.

  5. William D.

    William D.

    Los Angeles, CA Lose weight and the furnace creek 508

  6. Chenoa


    Morrison, CO I am running my third marathon on September 22, 2012 in Denver Colorado.

  7. Burns
  8. Vikki


    I have completed 2 half Marathons.Next on the list is to run a full Marathon.

  9. Bruno
  10. Joyce H.

    Joyce H.

    Melbourne, FL 5 miles beginner

  11. Burns
  12. Suzy D.

    Suzy D.

    CA To have a healthy 2013, run bike and swim smart. To listen to my body and rest when I need too!!

  13. Michelle L.

    Michelle L.

    Austin, TX To complete 100 miles by the end of 2011 in races and run my first marathon in 2012

  14. Helenj R.

    Helenj R.

    To be the luckiest woman.

  15. Reed S.
  16. Bridget I.

    Bridget I.

    Southern Pines, NC B2B FULL Ironman 2012!!!

  17. Hugo
  18. Asa


  19. Alford
  20. Frances