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  1. Kristine M.

    Kristine M.

    Running my first marathon with my husband October 24th. Can't wait!

  2. Heather P.

    Heather P.

    To rock a sexy bod for my husband. And to be healthy. Yup, that's my goals.

  3. Miranda


    Indianapolis, IN myself :) My husband is a combat medic currently serving in Afghanistan.

  4. Erica


    My health. I want to live life to its fullest. I want to be energetic for God, my husband, and kids. I am 5'7" and my goal weight is 145.

  5. Charlotte-Renee A.

    Charlotte-Renee A.

    Millington, MI My goal is to lose some of this baby fat and be a positive role model for my newborn son; to stay healthy, eat right and always look beautiful for my husband <3

  6. Katie H.

    Katie H.

    US To be able to run with my husband...and not hate it. I need to make more time for myself.

  7. Jenn Z.

    Jenn Z.

    Tampa, FL I want to be healthy. I ran my first marathon last year, and now my husband and I are planning to run one together next year...and a tough mudder 2013!!!

  8. Kristine Ruth I.

    Kristine Ruth I.

    Grovetown, GA My husband told me to stop losing so much weight. I love being a size 6. It is the ultimate dream for a 6'0 woman, lol.

  9. Jen L.

    Jen L.

    Atlanta, GA For 2012: As a new runner, my goal is to run one 5k a month. My husband have a lifetime goal to complete a 5k in every state.

  10. Leon
  11. Leah S.

    Leah S.

    Is to try and stay fit for my family and my loving husband. Goals is to maintain an fit body at the age of 54 years young.

  12. Autumn


    Fenton, MI My first Marathon Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll San Antonio Marathon

  13. Angelina P.

    Angelina P.

    Punta Gorda, FL To keep decreasing my time & run a half marathon.

  14. Joy K.

    Joy K.

    Cairo, GA To run a half marathon before I turn 40.....

  15. Kelly S.

    Kelly S.

    Grand Rapids, MI Training for my first ever 5K in May 2012

  16. Lisa


    FL My sister and I are starting our 4th week in the Couch to 5k program on 7/25/11. I would like to track my progress here as well, as my daily gym routines.

  17. Arran
  18. Clark
  19. Griffin
  20. Rufus