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  1. Kaitlin S.

    Kaitlin S.

    NC Complete my 1st marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon 2013, complete certification to teach Hot Yoga, all while dancing & performing in musicals!

  2. Emil
  3. Alice T.

    Alice T.

    Toronto, ON PBs, NYC and GL TO 42.2s, 1/2 Ironman, inspire others to run. Open yoga studio. Be injury-free. healthy and get stronger/faster with gait work, pilates and ST!

  4. Julia S.

    Julia S.

    Mars, PA PR in a marathon and win 1st in age group at 5k in 2013, do core work 2-3X a week, complete Tough Mudder in Aug. w/out dying, do 30 cons. days of yoga (60+min)

  5. Mo D.

    Mo D.

    Savannah, GA To always enjoy my training...avoid injury and run with great people!

  6. Ninu D.

    Ninu D.

    Calgary, AB Run a 10k in 47 minutes or under

  7. Alicia
  8. Vicki L.

    Vicki L.

    Baltimore, MD Completed my first 5k! (6/2012) Now training for a 10k. Ultimate goal is to start running half marathons. Healthy living is for me!!

  9. Hafa K.

    Hafa K.

    Atlanta, GA To lose weight and be a runner like before! Also to work toward my goal - running a 5K, 10K, and a Half Marathon in 2011!

  10. Robin K.

    Robin K.

    Brooklyn, NY To run Nike, San Francisco half (10/16/11) under 200.00.00

  11. Lisa M.

    Lisa M.

    Minneapolis, MN To be as fit and strong as possible. Build enough balance and upper body to do an inversion. Managing menopause and aging through exercise and diet.

  12. Janet S.

    Janet S.

    Washington, DC

  13. Carrie H.

    Carrie H.

    Huntsville, AL Have fun!

  14. Reginald
  15. Maggie M.

    Maggie M.

    San Marcos, CA 1. Olympic Distance Triathlon 2. Half Ironman 3. Marathon 3:30 or better *Be able to swim comfortably in the ocean/open water prior to top 2.

  16. Fermin S.
  17. Rebecca C.

    Rebecca C.

    Seattle, WA Half a marathon and eventually a full marathon! I'm also interested in getting into cycling and training for a triathlon. :)

  18. Ally S.

    Ally S.

    Virginia Beach, VA Javelina 100K October 2016,Cayman Half Dec 2016, South Downs Way 100 miler, UK June 2017

  19. Melissa O.

    Melissa O.

    Charlotte, NC To be healthy and happy!

  20. Jenna D.

    Jenna D.

    Chicago, IL Muster up the courage to actually run a half marathon. I can do it physically every week but races make me nervous!