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  1. Traci M.

    Traci M.

    Danville, IN To lose about 10lbs maybe 20...and get into shape so I can perform and show better with my horses!

  2. Abel
  3. Ada Tracee M.
  4. Barb Piedad L.
  5. Joyce L.
  6. Jeffrey
  7. Oscar
  8. Teresa D.

    Teresa D.

    Commerce, TX Lose weight, improve my health, not have my knee hurt so much, and start riding horses competitively again.

  9. Katie S.

    Katie S.

    Yale, MI Become a better me. I hate what ive become. Time to change it.

  10. Barbara K.

    Barbara K.

    Scotland, United Kingdom, GB my next Half marathon

  11. Brenda H.

    Brenda H.

    Sheridan, OR To be healthy and fit and strong. Find balance in my life one running ...trotting ..loping step at a time

  12. Elin L.

    Elin L.

    Karlstad, SE 10 km below 50 minutes before end of summer. More fit body.

  13. Kenny
  14. Willard
  15. Levi
  16. Benito
  17. Sandy
  18. Eddie
  19. Jorge
  20. Tony