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  1. Brian W.

    Brian W.

    Mt Juliet, TN To personal best my high school time in a 5-k

  2. Geri
  3. Nancy K.

    Nancy K.

    Edgewood, WA my health!

  4. Amber M.

    Amber M.

    IL run

  5. Emily W.

    Emily W.

    Round Rock, TX I'm here to rehabilitate my body after a serious elbow fracture after crashing my bike a year ago.

  6. Angela B.

    Angela B.

    Overland Park, KS Begin running as a serious way to get in shape and expand the gap between my "real age" and my "body age" as much as possible!

  7. Jody W.

    Jody W.

    My goal is to be "High School Skinny!" Actually if my body responds correctly, I will begin to compete in some various events i.e. Tough Mudder etc......

  8. Annie
  9. Garth
  10. Prince
  11. Floyd
  12. Aubin
  13. Robbe
  14. Shelton
  15. June
  16. Kris
  17. Rolando
  18. Madison
  19. Hudson