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  1. Andrea T.

    Andrea T.

    To walk every day for 3 weeks while listening to these CDs: and to either juice or have a green smoothie every morning.

  2. Darlene H.

    Darlene H.

    Calgary, AB marathon in October in Kelowna, BC

  3. Beverly S.

    Beverly S.

    Little Rock, AR To get healthy from the inside out by eating a more nutritious diet so that I can run fast and compete again! Watch out world, 2014 WILL BE MY YEAR!

  4. Keva L.

    Keva L.

    Dallas, TX By December 15, I'll be power walking 10 miles a week and weight lifting or doing Hatha yoga 3 times a week.

  5. Amy R.

    Amy R.

    Run my first Marathon Spring 2011!!

  6. Lyndon B.
  7. Amber B.

    Amber B.

    OK Run my first 5K Race and learn all I can about the running world!

  8. Renell A.

    Renell A.

    Sutton, QC Get fit. Been slender my entire life but not active. Started running about 5km's 5x week. Looking for minor weight loss and toning.